If you were asked how you imagined the place where Zeus, the father of the 12 ancient Greek gods, was raised, chances are your reply would include the following: fertile, imposing, exuding primeval majesty.

If you were asked what you imagined to be the dominant features on the island where
Dionysus, the god of merriment, was born and raised, you would probably include fun, song and dance.

If, finally, you were asked how you imagined the scene of the wedding of Dionysus and princess Ariadne, you would probably respond, “Enchanting, almost magical…”.

This is Naxos.

A big island in the heart of the Aegean Sea and its sea routes, with imposing mountain massifs and fertile valleys, inhabited by cheerful people with a tradition in music and dance, and full of beauty that enchants visitors.

With its long history, important monuments and intense tourist life, it occupies a distinct place among the Cycladic islands. No matter how many days you stay on Naxos, there will always surely be more hidden niches to discover, beaches you haven’t seen, towers and forts you did not have time to visit, ancient temples whose secrets remain a mystery.

New Places

Prokopios Art Festival

Ag. Prokopios - Stelida, Naxos - Koufonisia - Amorgos

To Mperdema

Apiranthos, Naxos - Koufonisia - Amorgos

San Palio Cinema

Filoti, Naxos - Koufonisia - Amorgos

Akti Sea Side Bar Restaurant

Plaka, Naxos - Koufonisia - Amorgos

Halki Cafe

Halki, Naxos - Koufonisia - Amorgos

Aloe Vera Naxos

Chora, Naxos - Koufonisia - Amorgos

Four Tastes

Halki, Naxos - Koufonisia - Amorgos

Cappuccino's Cafe Snack Bar

Filoti, Naxos - Koufonisia - Amorgos

Flisvos Surf Shop

Ag. Georgios, Naxos - Koufonisia - Amorgos

Flisvos Seaside Studios-Apartments

Ag. Georgios, Naxos - Koufonisia - Amorgos

Stelida Restaurant

Ag. Prokopios - Stelida, Naxos - Koufonisia - Amorgos

Scopelitis Express

Chora, Naxos - Koufonisia - Amorgos
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Hot Places

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