Meet all the beauties of the Aegean Sea and combine your holidays in Naxos with trips around the beautiful island. We organize  luxury cruises around the surrounding islands daily. Let’s sail away!

Cruise Dhlos-Mykonos

Admire the granite birthplace of Apollon. It is an island with unique archeological sights which reveal a history of 3000 years. During your stay, you can see, among others, the sanctuary of Apollon, the “pombiki stoa of the lions” (the place where ancient Greeks used to have their parades),  the theatre, the “stoa”,  the ancient House of the Naxians, Lito’s temple and the remarkable exhibits of the local museum. Mykonos is the very well-known and cosmopolitan island with typical cycladic architecture. During your stay, you can get to know all those, which made the island so famous.

Cruise Iraklia-Koufonisi

You will be fascinated by the peaceful atmosphere of the “Small Cyclades”. Enjoy a relaxing and romantic day swimming at the amazing beaches or tasting fresh local fish at the traditional restaurants next to the sea.

Cruise Santorini

Get to know the stunning island of Santorini, an island with rare beauty and the unique view of the caldera. Travel in the light blue Aegean waters, enjoying the comforts and the luxury of our ship. On arrival at the port of Santorini, luxurious coaches along with a guide will be waiting to show you around Oia where you can admire the traditional architecture. Next stop is the picturesque city of Fira where you can enjoy its amazing view.